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2021 NSBE National Leadership Conference
Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021 to Sunday, June 27, 2021

Hello NSBE Leaders!

My name is Avery Layne, and it is a privilege and honor to serve as your 2021 National Leadership Conference (NLC) Chairperson! I'm pleased to announce that our 2021 NLC will be held virtually on NSBE's campus in VirBELA. This year, our conference will be guided by the theme "TIME to ENGAGE."

As you should know, NSBE is moving into the first year of implementing its new Strategic Plan. This first year of the Strategic Plan coincides with a large-scale return to in-person activities for many members across all demographics. At this intersection, we as leaders have two crucial tasks ahead of us. First, we must successfully navigate the return to in-person activities without forgetting the lessons of virtual engagement learned over the past year. Second, we must ensure that we fully understand each part we play within the Strategic Plan and move towards its successful implementation.

At this year's NLC, you will learn how to complete each of these tasks successfully. As you learn more about principles such as program management and execution, public relations, and funds solicitation, you'll be successful in your position to implement the Strategic Plan. As you collaborate and brainstorm with other leaders from different regions and boards, you can share ideas on best practices for engagement in both physical and virtual spaces to maximize engagement for this year. You'll also receiving training in leadership competencies such as leading others, setting vision, and balancing NSBE and school/work that will help you excel as a leader in this term and beyond.

Be ready to learn from the National Leaders, Advisors, and World Headquarters Team as we prepare you all for success

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

We're looking forward to seeing all of you!

Avery Layne
NLI/NLC Chairperson

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