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2020 Region IV Fall Regional Conference
Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020 to Sunday, November 15, 2020
2019 Region IV Fall Regional Conference

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2020 Region IV Fall Regional Conference

Career Fair: November 14, 2020
Conference: November 14-15, 2020



Welcome from Your Fall Regional Conference Chairperson!

What’s up Region IV,

This year's Fall Regional Conference theme follows that of Annual Convention, The Holistic Engineer. This conference is like a part one to the part two you will find at convention. Members are encourage to get involved in everything at this conference. We invite you to come to conference with the willingness and excitement knowing you will have more tools and skill sets in your belt to cultivate you as whole and complete engineer.  

If you have any questions , please reach out to the FRC chair at

Fo’ Solid, Fo’ Life, Fo’ Eva!

Career Fair:

As a registrant for the NSBE 2020 FRC, you opt into receiving outreach from NSBE partners sponsoring these events. Take a moment to visit to upload your resume and search through current positions posted by NSBE partners.



Please note that your registration includes virtual attendance only.

If you are a current NSBE member, you do NOT need to select your registration type. The system will automatically select it for you! Before paying for your registration, please be sure that all of your personal information and registration price is correct before finalizing your order.

Please be advised that if you are to register onsite, your registration may not include the banquet meal. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you register before the conference.

If you are having any issues registering, please contact membership@nsbe.organd cc: Do not pay for a registration type you are not!


Refund / Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to the table to understand the timeline for cancellation. To request approval for the cancellation your registration, please fill out the form below:


Timeline Reference Point

Refund Policy

Earlier than 45 days before the conference

100% refund

Between 30 days and 45 days from the conference

75% refund & 25% NSBE credit

Between 15 days and 30 days from the conference

50% refund & 50% NSBE credit

15 days and later before the conference

100% NSBE credit

7 days after the conclusion of the conference



GPA Verified Rates:

All collegiate members must have their GPAs verified in order to get discount rates (Chapter Officer, APEx, and Senator). Any collegiate registrant with an unverified GPA will automatically default to the "Unverified Collegiate" rate for their registration. For more information, please review the  GPA Verification process.


Registration Rates:

Registration Type

Early Bird



September 30 - October 15

October 16 - November 14

Chapter Advisor/Dean/Principal



Unverified Collegiate/Affiliate Member



Verified Collegiate/Afilliate Member



Verified Collegiate Chapter Executive Officer (CEO)



Collegiate/Affiliate (APEx)



Verified Senator






PCI/NSBE Jr. Member (Grades 3 - 12)






PCI/NSBE Jr. Chaperone



Professional/Affiliate Member



Lifetime Member




$ -

$ -




Regional Leadership

$ -

$ -

National Leadership

$ -

$ -

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