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Professional Member of the Year 2017-18AWARD: One (1) $1500 Award (subject to change) SELECTION CRITERIA· Award recipients will be selected based on a combination of the following criteria: • NSBE Professional Service and Involvement (Chapter, Regional, and/or National) • Fulfillment of the NSBE Mission and the Professional Vision • Community Service (within and outside NSBE) • Recommendation letters (min. 2 letters) APPLICATION CRITERIA· Nominees should be selected by a person who believes that he/she deserves to be Professional Member of the Year. The person making the nomination may select more than one nominee. • You may nominate yourself however at least one recommendation letter must come from a Professional Chapter Officer, a Regional or National Professional Executive Board member. • Minimum of 2 recommendation letters must be submitted. • All nominees must be national and local (if applicable) paid NSBE Professional members. • The application must be submitted online via NSBE GTA Application
PCI Male Student of the Year 2017-18High school senior that has shown promise in science, math or engineering. Based on GPA, coursework, school activities, letters of recommendation. This award is accompanied by a scholarship. Verifiable acceptance into engineering/math science program at an accredited college or university is required. Criteria • Must have an equivalent of 3.0 grade point average or higher (4.0 scale) • Must demonstrate leadership activities • Must demonstrate involvement in community • Must demonstrate participation in pre-college initiative activities • Must demonstrate interest in engineering, technology, math or science • Must be a member or participant in a math, science or technology related extracurricular activity • Must provide documentation of accomplishments
International Academic Leadership Award 2017-18Awarded to an individual who demonstrates excellence in support of academics on an international level. This individual is a leader and a strong support of NSBE internationally. Criteria: - Must demonstrate activities supporting NSBE’s mission - Must demonstrate participation in an education program designed to benefit international students. - Must be a faculty member at an international institution of higher learning - Must indicate scope of commitment to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields - Must provide documentation of accomplishments Must demonstrate positive impact on campus activities